The Isle of Man Air Ambulance Service has notified members of the public that the coastguard helicopter will be undertaking staff training today.

The helicopter is set to land at Noble's Hospital sometime this afternoon, with annual staff training looking to familiarise staff members with different scenarios and any changes to usual practice.

The Air Ambulance Service has also apologised for any disruption caused by recent call outs for the helicopter.

Its statement reads: 'Although the transfers we undertake in the coastguard aircraft are generally few, recently they have been called out a couple of times during the night. We do apologise to those whose sleep was disturbed, but it was for a good cause.

'The coastguard aircraft is most often called for patients with injuries threatening life and limb who need urgent transfer and cannot wait until the airport is able to open (allowing the fixed wing aircraft to take them) or until daylight hours (when the Great North Air Ambulance can be requested).

'The service is provided by the UK coastguard, and the aircraft usually comes from either Wales or Ireland. Our team organises the movements of the aircraft on and off the island with colleagues from the on-island Marine Operations team.

'These colleagues secure our landing site and help to load the patient, equipment and transfer practitioners safely on board.'