Assisted Dying Bill introduced to Keys

By Gemma Nettle   |   Reporter   |
Tuesday 24th May 2022 2:35 pm
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Alex Allinson

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A Bill on assisted dying was given leave to be introduced to the House of Keys today.

Ramsey MHK Alex Allinson brought the Private Member’s Bill to members, which would enable adults who are terminally ill to be provided at their request with assistance to end their own life.

This was the second time he has attempted to introduce it, following a rejection in January 2020 in Tynwald.

He said: ‘Many people find this difficult to discuss and I respect their views, but it is fundamentally about the individual, not the collective.

‘What support, choice and options would you wish for yourself?

‘This allows a dying person to have control over their own death if their suffering is unbearable. and can provide another option.’

It was passed with 22 members for and two against.

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