Supporters of the Assisted Dying Bill will gather outside of Tynwald as the bill receives its second reading.

On Tuesday, October 31, the demonstration will take place from 8am to 9.30am, ahead of the start of the House of Keys sitting, which starts at 10am.

In July 2022, Ramsey MHK, Alex Allinson was given leave to introduce a bill that would give terminally ill, mentally competent adults the right to, at their request, with specified assistance, end their own life.

If MHKs vote through the Bill, the Isle of Man will be on the path to become the first part of the British Isles to legalise assisted dying. MHKs will debate and vote on the proposed legislation, with the option to vote it through, vote it down or vote to put it to Committee.

If the Bill passes, it will then be scrutinised at a Clause stage before it is subject to a Third Reading in the House of Keys. It would then progress onto the Legislative Council. 

 Dr Allinson said: 'For many years the people of the Isle of Man have been calling out for a change of our law on assisted dying. I have heard countless stories from those whose lives have been seriously affected by our current legislation and the lack of choice or autonomy for those dying of a terminal illness. We can and must do better. That is what this legislation makes possible.

 'My strictly safeguarded Bill presents a real opportunity for Tynwald to discuss how terminally ill people could be granted the compassion, choice and protection they and their families have asked for. 

 'I urge my colleagues in the House of Keys to give this Bill their support on Tuesday. Together we must grasp this historic opportunity to improve the options and rights for people dying in the Isle of Man.'