Union Mills Rainbows and Brownies held their annual May Day Celebrations on Monday.

The traditional fundraiser was belated, because having only just exited lockdown in April, there was not enough time for the children to practice the dances for the usual date on the first Monday of May.

The event began with the crowning of May Queen Sophie Clague and Flower Princess Erin Wall, before the children entertained the assembled guests with dances round the maypole.

The Union Mills May Day celebrations originated with Brown Owl June Gawne, who in 1985 made an appeal to the local community for a metal cartwheel for the base, old telegraph pole for the pole, and then asked the father of one the Brownies to custom make the top for the ribbons.

Many hours were spent, by leaders and parents of Brownies, making Victorian style pinnies, for the girls to wear whilst dancing.

A spokesperson for the Brownies said they felt it was important to have this Monday’s event as something positive for the children to look forward to [in light of the pandemic].