Matty Simpson, a contestant on this year's Big Brother, has spoken out about his experience growing up on the Isle of Man.

The 24 year-old, who went to Ramsey Grammar High School and grew up in Ramsey, is a self-confessed 'hippie' and works at the geriatric department at an unnamed healthcare facility.

And according to his Big Brother promotional video, which aired as contestants entered the house on Sunday (October 8), Matty loves nothing more than 'dancing under the moon and stars.'

On Tuesday night's episode, which was the third of the newly launched ITV2 series, Matty won a 'cocktail party' with three other housemates after completing a challenge where he had to sit on a bed and not move off it for over eight hours.

The doctor also resisted a banana, peanut butter and oat milk smoothie - a drink he has had every day for the last six years - to stay on the bed and complete the challenge.

Speaking at the cocktail party, Matty said: 'I come from a very normal, middle class family, and we had everything we wanted. I had two older brothers and we were a very chill, left-wing family.

'It was hard growing up on the Isle of Man, as there was nobody else that looked like me.

'It's beautiful, but it's not very progressive.

'When I came out I was the only person I knew that was gay, so I had to deal with that all by myself. I was very young, only 13, and there was no opportunities for me to get with boys or properly explore myself until I moved away.

'We've all been through a lot of things and I think talking about it is just half the trouble.'

You can watch Matty's Big Brother journey every night (except Saturday's) on ITV2 at 9pm. Every episode aired so far is currently available on the online streaming service ITVX.