People on the Isle of Man will soon be able to fly directly to Jersey.

The Jersey flights will depart from Ronaldsway Airport two days a week for five weeks as part of an initial trial.

Airline Blue Islands has introduced the temporary new route following discussions with the business community on both islands and hope the service could bring 'strategic benefits to the islands.'

A number of the airline's 'corporate partners' have already booked tickets on the new route during the trial period - a move which Blue Islands says will help it explore the 'longer-term viability of a year-round service'.

And passengers will also be able to fly to and from Guernsey onboard the same aircraft as part of the trial, with just a 'short stop' in Jersey as part of the journey.

The trial will run between November 7 and December 7 this year and could lead to a full scheduled service between the islands being launched by early 2024.

Rob Veron, CEO, Blue Islands said: 'We’re excited to trial direct flights to the Isle of Man.

'Through surveys and discussions with key businesses in each island we have some insights into the likely market requirement.

'The next stage in assessing the viability of such services is this 5-week trial.'

'We thank everyone that has provided feedback and to the organisations that have committed to purchase seats in advance; this is a unique collaboration that ensures the viability of the trial which we hope will enable a longer term scheduled service.

'Direct flights from Jersey to the Isle of Man will operate Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7 November until 7 December.

Gary Cobb, Isle of Man Airport Director said: 'This is great news as we know people are always looking at a broader range of travel options.

'Our team has worked with Blue Islands to help bring this trial forward and hope that local businesses in particular support the route, so we see it return in 2024.'

Joe Moynihan, CEO, Jersey Finance said: 'As both islands are leading international financial centres, numerous Jersey firms have well-established connections with the Isle of Man, maintaining a presence in both jurisdictions.

'Improved connectivity and streamlined travel could bring numerous benefits to the island, and we keenly await the results of this trial into the route’s long-term viability.

Matt Thomas, CEO, Ports of Jersey said: 'We're delighted to be working with Blue Islands to launch an Isle of Man service, providing valuable connectivity to link our two islands.

'We really appreciate the input from key stakeholders who have explained how valuable this service would be to our business community and look forward to the trial being successful.'

Rob added: 'Engagement with our corporate travellers is a vital component of being able to provide the connectivity for businesses that have requirements across Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man.

'The commitment already pledged from industry combined with envisaged further support from businesses during the trial will be key to being able to determine the long-term viability of a direct scheduled service.

'If the trial is successful a full scheduled service could be launched early in 2024.'