A 33-year-old Colby man has been fined £350 for careless driving.

Daniel Sydney Andrews had previously been charged with drug-driving, which he had denied.

On Tuesday, January 30, that charge was dismissed and replaced with the careless driving one which he admitted.

Deputy High Bailiff Rachael Braidwood also endorsed his licence with four penalty points.

Prosecuting advocate Kate Alexander told the court that Andrews was driving a BMW 5 Series at the Southern Civic Amenity Site on April 3 last year.

At 10.45am, staff asked him to move on as he had spent more than 10 minutes on the site.

Andrews drove off but hit a yellow barrier, bending a sign as he left.

The court heard that he is currently serving a 12 month driving ban but was not disqualified at the time of this incident.

Defence advocate Paul Rodgers said of the previous drug-driving allegation, that this had involved prescription medication.

Mr Rodgers said that blood had been taken at the hospital, but the defendant was allowed to ask for a B sample to be tested.

The advocate said that the B sample had never been provided, which is why the charge was not pursued by the prosecution.

Mr Rodgers said that the careless driving had been very low level for that type of offence, but his client had accepted that it met the definition of damage.

The advocate said that Andrews had missed court appearances previously as he had health issues and anxiety.

Deputy High Bailiff Ms Braidwood agreed that the offence had been relatively minor careless driving and had not caused a great deal of damage.

Andrews, who lives at Station Park, was also ordered to pay £125 prosecution costs, which he will pay, along with the fine, at a rate of £5 per week, deducted from benefits.