A consultation has been launched into difficulties facing employers and employees.

The Chamber of Commerce has urged people to answer the economic questionnaire, which is open until June 8.

The business organisation has conducted quarterly economic surveys for several years to gather feedback from across all sectors of the economy, and from chamber members and non-members.

A spokesperson said: ‘However, the latest survey (Q2 2023 survey) is particularly important because it will provide a snapshot at a time when there is mounting evidence that businesses are facing very challenging times.’

As well as core questions received from the British chamber, the Isle of Man Chamber of Commerce’s survey also includes questions aimed at local businesses to gain a deeper understanding of the economic landscape in the island.

Isle of Man Chamber chief executive Rebecca George said: ‘This survey provides a valuable opportunity for businesses to have their voices heard, and provide data in a confidential environment that will be valuable to Chamber and government.

‘Its significance cannot be overstated because it plays a critical role in providing up-to-date information about the current economic climate, helps to identify trends, and collects vital data.

‘This will enable us to continue to engage effectively with government and inform the decision-making process concerning the ongoing economic situation.’

This quarter’s survey includes questions relating to the government’s economic strategy and air links.

The information gathered from this survey will be sent to the British Chamber of Commerce and added to its overall research figures, and also the Treasury and Department for Enterprise.