All 71 staff who work for Strix in the island were expected to meet with bosses after the company was launched on the London Stock Exchange this week.

Chief executive officer Mark Bartlett told Isle of Man Newspapers he was looking forward to the meetings in the island.

Speaking from London he and chief financial officer Raudres Wong had justattended the official launch of Strix on AIM, the so-called junior market of the Stock Exchange.

It was a momentous event for the company which is a world leader in kettle safety controls.

And as if to stress the importance of the event the island’s lieutenant governor Sir Richard Gozney was also there backing Strix’s debut as a public company.

Both Mr Bartlett and Mr Wong were looking forward to meeting with the staff at the group headquarters at Forrest House, Ronaldsway, and at a manufacturing facility at Ramsey.

Mr Bartlett told Isle of Man Newspapers it was all ’extremely positive’ for the Isle of Man.

Asked if it could lead to more people working for the company in the island in the future he said: ’Almost certainly.’

Trading on the AIM market offered great chances to expand and for investment.

Mr Bartlett said: ’Today marks a key milestone in the company’s successful and long history.

’Admission to AIM will support us through our next phase of growth as we look to penetrate new markets, continue to offer the highest quality products and grow our market share, whilst most importantly maintaining strong relationships with our key customers.

’The support we have seen from investors who recognise the significant opportunities of our growing and global market has been very encouraging.

’We are very much looking forward to life as a public company and reporting on the continued progress of the business in the months and years to come.’

Strix, acknowledged as the world’s top kettle technology manufacturer is relishing the opportunities to expand after going public with the £190m flotation.

The company has a laboratory at the head office where research and testing takes place.

Blue-chip clients include Tesco, Walmart and Siemens.

The emerging Chinese middle class is helping to drive market growth. According to the most recent figures , in the year ended December 31, 2016, profits had climbed to £22m.

The board of directors will include Gary Lamb as interim non executive chairman. MrLamb is no stranger to Strix having been a former finance and IT director of the business for 11 years, leaving in 2007.

He is the chief executive officer of Manx Telecom and played a vital role in leading the telecommunications business through a successful initial public offering on AIM in 2014.

Renowned inventor Dr John Taylor is credited as being the original founder of Strix. The company went on to hold a string of Queen’s Awards. Entrepreneur Eddie Davies, also former owner of BoltonWanderers Football Club, helped bring the company to worldwide prominence.