Dog groomer Megan Coulthurst wept tears of joy as she got into her car after her first day back at work.

The 35-year-old who runs Bark and Brush Grooming Salon said: ’I had a happy cry and some happy tears on the way home as life has started to feel a bit more normal again.

’Thank you to all my lovely customers who made my first day back amazing.’

Megan lives with her husband Andrew, 43, who works for Microgaming, at their home in Port Erin.

She returned last week to work with her one-woman business at Harmat Court, Balthane Industrial Unit, Ballasalla.

The island’s government had already issued guidance that allowed various dog-related businesses to operate .

They included boarding kennels, doggy day care and dog grooming.

But Megan only decided to go back to work last week and ensured she operated in a way that complied with strict procedures and of course social distancing.

Now Megan is already fully booked until around the middle of July after spending hours re-scheduling the cancellations that had mounted up over the last two months since the Covid-19 crisis erupted.

’It’s lovely seeing all the lovely dogs again. Even the nervous ones are glad to meet me again,’ said Megan.

There are strict procedures in place for when customers come round with their pet pooches. These are outlined on her Facebook page.

These include the handover procedure when an owner arrives. Megan’s message to owners is that she will ’unlock the door and wave at you to come in. Or phone if you can’t see me. I will then go to the back of the salon’.

There are also procedures in place for when the owner returns to pick up their prized pooches. She tells owners: ’I will wave you in or phone. Then move to the back of the room.’

Relevant areas will also be disinfected between each grooming session. â?¤

Megan originally qualified with a level three City and Guilds in professional dog grooming.

She went on an intensive 10-week long course at the Abbfabb Academy in South East Cornwall, run by Eve Somers, before originally starting the business in Church Road, Port Erin in the winter of 2017.

During the lockdown she has been bidding to add to her qualifications by starting an online course in canine welfare training and behaviour.

She even took and passed a three-hour exam on canine anatomy, the first of nine modules.

Megan’s own dog, a four-year-old cockapoo called Bramble, is staying at home while she goes to work.

Megan’s latest ’customers’ include Tiffy, a lovely little Lhasa Apso dog.