An old people’s home in Peel is facing closure, with its operators saying it is no longer viable.

The Corrin Memorial Home on Albany Road, which is home to 21 residents, is set to shut in July.

But staff have set up a working group, supported by the Prospect union, to try to save the home from imminent closure.

They have written to MHKs and MLCs calling for the government and Treasury to intervene.

Prospect negotiations officer Mick Hewer said: ’If it closes it will be catastrophic for the residents - there are some who have lived there for years - and for the 40 staff who work there.’

It is understood that a number of factors have led to the closure decision by the charitable company that runs the home - there are a number of unoccupied rooms and significant money needs spending on refurbishing the building, which dates back to 1956.

In a statement Corrin Memorial Home’s board of directors said it was ’with deep regret’ that they have advised the government regulators’ Registration and Inspection Unit of the proposal to close in July.

They said: ’For several months, the board of directors has worked tirelessly to find a way to avoid closure and the decision to close has not been arrived at easily, but we see no way to make the home viable.’

The board stressed that the company has sufficient funding in reserves to ensure it can meet its current and future financial obligations up to and including the proposed closure of the home.

They added: ’We fully understand that the announcement of the home closure is likely to be traumatic for our 21 current residents, their families and carers and our workforce. We will do everything we can to minimise the impact for all concerned.

’We will do our best to support our residents and their families through the coming weeks and will be working closely with Social Services to make alternative arrangements for our residents.

’Our aim is to ensure all of Corrin Home’s 21 current residents will be moved to new accommodation before the home closes for good.’

The board has now entered into formal consultation with the staff.

In a statement, the newly-formed staff working group said: ’Our immediate thoughts are with the residents and their families who will be affected by this announcement.

’And our concerns in the days ahead will focus on ensuring that high quality care will continue to be provided in a homely and caring environment whilst providing emotional and personal support to those who remain in our care.

’We are all shocked, disappointed and devastated at the news. We understand that a number of individual factors have, over a period, cumulated in the decision being made to close.

’The announcement does not alter our determination to fight and seek support from the local community in Peel, local businesses, and the population of the island more widely. As a staff group, we cannot simply accept the closure plans without doing everything we can to prevent it.’

They added: ’Corrin Home is part of Peel’s history; it has provided a home for hundreds of people over the years, and it must continue to do so in the future. It will need help to do so.

’The staff will continue to assist and work with the board in any way possible to facilitate the home to remain open.’

A crowdfunder has been set up to save the Corrin Home.

Nikkita Thomas and a fellow staff member were originally planning to complete 32.5 miles of the Parish Walk to raise money to take residents on days out and organise activities.

But now they are walking to save the home.

Nikkita said: ’The Corrin Home is a historical building and has been the home to hundreds of elderly people over the years and could still be the lovely, caring home it is for another hundred years with the community’s help.

’Any donation, little or large is appreciated more than you could ever imagine, this could save their home.’