A cathedral choir has been awarded a grant to support a ‘choir safari’ initiative.

The ‘Cathedral Foundation for Music and the Arts’ has been awarded a grant of £1,200 from the Manx Lottery Trust.

The Manx charity launched the initiative following the cathedral’s temporary closure for remedial works

A ‘safari choral evensongs’ will see the cathedral choir head out ‘on safari’ to perform at eight parish churches across the Isle of Man while the cathedral is shut.

The safari series will run over several months, with performances taking place every third Sunday of the month at 3.30pm.

The project will also see members of the choir, which comprises both adult and child choristers, visit and sing at several primary schools.

The grant, which has been awarded from the Manx Lottery Trust’s ‘smaller grants programme’, will be used to cover transport costs, including the hiring of a minibus.

Dr Peter Litman, the cathedral director of music, said: ‘We think the choir safari is a fantastic opportunity for our choristers, both young and old, to perform in other churches across the Isle of Man.

‘The island’s churches are incredibly diverse, each offering up a rich history and unique setting to perform in. We are also hopeful that it will be of positive benefit to the smaller communities of our island who can take joy in our music.’

The chairman of Manx Lottery Trust, Stephen Turner, said: ‘We’ve no doubt the choir will uplift and bring joy to the hearts of the local community with their music.’

To find out more about the ‘safari choral evensongs’ series, visit the cathedral choir’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/cathedralisleofman/.