A celebration of May Day – or Laa Boaldyn in Manx – is to take place tomorrow (Monday).

Throughout the day visitors will be able to experience the folklore and traditions of the Manx May Day through music, dance and storytelling.

Vicky Dale, site supervisor for Cregneash, said: ‘Manx May Day celebrations mark the passing of winter and the rebirth of summer, which was thought to be a particularly perilous time in Manx folklore.

‘Witches and fairies were considered to be at their most mischievous around midnight on May Day Eve and a series of traditions arose to allay fears and protect the Manx people and their livestock from potential dangers.

‘The principal form of protection against mischievous fairies was the crosh cuirn, made from a rowan or mountain ash and placed above the door of the house or the cow shed and even tied to the cows’ tails.’

Visitors will be able to make crosh cuirns to protect themselves as they hear about Manx rural traditions.

For many practical reasons life was simply more challenging at this time of year when the salt fish from the winter was running out and crops were not yet ready to harvest.

The beliefs and practices around Laa Boaldyn went some way to alleviate fears.

The event takes place from 11am to 3pm and all are welcome.

The village tearooms will be offering traditional Manx fare including bonnag. Manx dance group Perree Bane will be performing in the village at 12pm and 2pm.

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