The Department of Infrastructure (DoI) is looking for new tenants to take over the Dhoon Kiosk cafe .

It was announced in January that the previous operators of the site would not be renewing their lease for the picturesque kiosk.

An advertisement posted by the DoI is inviting interested parties to ‘propose your ideal opening days, operating hours, and unique events to make Dhoon Kiosk Cafe’ and to ‘present your culinary prowess with sample menus featuring delectable dishes at competitive prices, enticing customers with a feast for the senses’.

It is thought that the site’s eventual tenants will have to pay an estimated £4,800 plus VAT a year to rent the kiosk.

The DOI advertisement reads: ‘Indulge your entrepreneurial spirit and take the reins of the picturesque Dhoon Kiosk Café!

‘The DoI, on behalf of DEFA, invites dynamic individuals and passionate food enthusiasts to submit expressions of interest for this incredible venture.’

The DoI cited a variety of reasons as to why the site is attractive - such as its ‘prime location, thriving potential, flexibility and proven success’.

The popular cafe closed back in January due to ‘spiralling costs and a proposed rent increase’ according the kiosk’s previous owners.

Bev and Richard Clegg said on Facebook: ‘It’s been a head and heart dilemma for us as we love the place, but we haven’t been immune from the spiralling costs our industry has faced.

‘Not withstanding the Department of Food, Environment and Agriculture’s (DEFA’s) and the DoI’s efforts, a rent increase along with lease terms which we would find difficult to work with has sealed the decision for us.’

Interested parties can submit offers until no later than 5pm on Friday February 23, while the railway season starts up again on March 12.

Contact Ellen Collister at 01624 687561 or email [email protected] to arrange a viewing or gather further details.