Voting to elect a new commissioner for Ramsey has now opened.

Four nominees are standing to fill the vacant seat on Ramsey Town Commissioners, with a by-election taking place today.

The vacancy arose after the death of Leonard Singer in December last year.

The four candidates that Ramsey residents can vote for today are:

  • Joe Tatty Callister, nomained by Lamara Craine, seconded by Ffinlo Williams.
  • Sandra Cottam-Shea, nominated by Christopher Webb, seconded by Margaret Webb.
  • Sara Kennedy-Hay, nominated by Josephine Corrine, seconded by Robert Shimmin.
  • Pauline Johns-Garret (Liberal Vannin Party), nominated by Richard Hooper, seconded by Sharon Hooper.

All four are vying for just one seat.

Voting opened at 8am this morning (Thursday), and residents can vote at the town hall until 8pm tonight.