Alfred Cannan is to call for an independent inquiry into the way the government handled Dr Rosalind Ranson's tribunal.

The chief minister has written to the President of Tynwald and Members confirming his intention to move a motion of public importance in Tynwald tomorrow.

The way the case was handled has come under fire from some politicians, the British Medical Association and some unions.

There have been calls for Mr Cannan to resign.

Dr Ranson was awarded £3.1million in damages earlier this month.

Tomorrow, the chief minister intends to request the motion is heard immediately following a statement by the Minister for Health and Social Care, Lawrie Hooper.

The wording is as follows:

The Chief Minister to move:

i. ‘That a Select Committee of three members of Tynwald be established to appoint a retired High Court Judge or King’s Counsel or person of similar standing to undertake an independent review into the management by the Isle of Man Government of the Ranson versus Department of Health and Social Care employment case.

ii. That Terms of Reference for the review should be drafted by the Committee to enable the appointment and then reviewed in consultation with the person appointed to conduct the review and brought to Tynwald for approval.

iii. That Terms of Reference should include:

a. the interaction between the Department of Health and Social Care, the Attorney General’s Chambers, independent legal advisers and the Cabinet Office during the full course of the Tribunal

b. the relevant conduct of the Department of Health and Social Care highlighted by the Employment and Equality Tribunal in the liability judgement

c. the conduct of the Isle of Man Government during the litigation process

d. consideration of access to all documentation in the context of legal professional privilege

e. what balance should be sought between evidence taken in public and in private

iv. That the report from the independent review be laid before the December 2023 sitting.