Douglas Council last night lit a beacon to officially mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and launch a weekend of celebrations across the British Isles.

A short ceremony was attended by invited guests and members of the council alongside members of the public.

Douglas Town Band opened the occasion which was followed by an address by the mayor, Councillor Janet Thommeny.

The beacon was lit at the St Ninian’s Church tower, a well-known landmark in Douglas as one of the highest points in the city.

Celebrating the Queen’s 70 years on the throne, beacons were lit in each of the capital cities of the Commonwealth with the Principal Beacon lighting held at Buckingham Palace.

Council leader Councillor Claire Wells said: ‘We are very proud to recognise and celebrate Her Majesty the Queen’s 70 years of selfless service to the Crown – an incredible anniversary in our patron’s reign.

‘It truly was a privilege to be able to contribute to a unique occasion honouring the Queen, Lord of Mann’s accession to the throne.

‘To play our part in Douglas with our newly-acquired city status, joining other authorities, charities, communities and faith groups all over the UK at virtually the same time in lighting the Platinum Jubilee beacon was a real honour and an historical event we are pleased to have shared with nations across the world.’

Douglas Council thanked Reverend Canon John Coldwell, Church wardens and officials for allowing the event to take place.

Beacons were also lit elsewhere in the island.

Next week’s Isle of Man Examiner will include more coverage.