Following the success of their ‘shelter art’ project on Mooragh Promenade, Ramsey Commissioners are seeking to extend the concept to the shelters in Mooragh Park.

Three of the promenade shelters have been completed by local artists and it is hoped that art students at Ramsey Grammar School will paint the fourth and final one.

There are now plans to extend the scheme to the nine shelters in Mooragh Park. Artists would be invted to submit ideas on various set themes.

Juan McGuinness, the board member behind the scheme said: ‘We mustn’t rest on our laurels. The shelters in Mooragh Park have huge potential.’

He added: ’This project would not seek to cover the whole shelter necessarily, but instead be looking at one-to-three stand-out paintings on the walls. As this would be a much smaller project, it would therefore provide greater opportunity for artists who didn’t feel capable of undertaking a whole shelter.’