A man who stole items from his brother and sold them has been sentenced to 180 hours' community service.

Joshua Martin, who now lives at Fountains Crescent in Sheffield, will complete the unpaid work in the UK.

The 22-year-old admitted theft, committed between December 5 and January 21.

Martin was said to have stolen items belonging to his brother and sold them for much less than they were worth.

One item mentioned was a laptop which cost £2,399, but was sold by Martin for only £299.

Some of the items had been taken to CEX, the retail chain which buys and sells goods.

Four items were said to have been recovered.

Martin could give no real excuse for his actions, other than just wanting some extra cash to spend.

A probation report said that he suffered from ADHD and autism.

He was represented in court by advocate Paul Glover.

Mr Glover said: ‘Mr Martin has bridges to rebuild with his family.’

The advocate said that any order for costs or compensation could impact his client’s ability to start his community service, as he didn’t have any funds and would likely end up serving days in default.

Deputy High Bailiff Rachael Braidwood said that she would follow the recommendation of a probation report, which had suggested community service as an appropriate sentence, and said that the order could be transferred to Sheffield so the defendant could complete the hours there.

She said that, as Martin was returning to his mother’s home and already had an appointment with community service organisers in the UK, she would not make any order for costs or compensation.