Castletown-based dementia-therapy company Memory Lane Games has joined a leading programme in digital health.

The Mayo Clinic and Arizona State University Med Tech Accelerator Programme brings together leaders across the health care industry with the hope that it will advance their products, knowledge and value propositions, and in doing so improving healthcare delivery and patient care.

Based in the Engine House in the Ancient Capital, Memory Lane Games aims to improve the quality of life for individuals with dementia and their carers.

The app provides a raft of simple and easy games that users can play based on their locations,interests or hobbies.

There is also a function of the app where families or carers of individuals with dementia can build tailored games with personalised photos, based on that person’s life.

Peter Quayle, chief operations officer at Memory Lane Games said: ‘We did a pilot last year with a large care home group, and with consent they sent us photos of a lady when she was at school, her first job, when she got married, her children, her first house and her currently eating a cake.

‘The family then provided questions like where did you go to school? Where was your first job? Asking multiple-choice questions right up to the present.’

The company was founded in 2020, and is now at the stage of rolling out the product with various care homes and healthcare providers both in the UK and further afield.

The concept of Memory Lane Games was sparked by a conversation in Crosby pub by founders and friends Bruce Elliot and Peter Quayle, where Mr Quayle mentioned about his mum being recently diagnosed with vascular dementia. They spoke about how their mums enjoyed looking at old photos and reminiscing.

This sparked the idea to make games that could help trigger happy memories, with the hope that it would support those with dementia.

Earlier this year, the company was invited to apply to the accelerator programme, with Mayo Clinic and Arizona State University.

Mr Quayle said: ‘Even from the Isle of Man, I have heard of Mayo Clinic, they are well-known in the States and also worldwide for excellent medical facilities and being world-leaders in research.

‘We thought we would have no chance, but we were accepted.’

It consists of a two-week intensive curriculum where participants attend lectures and workshops with healthcare and engineering experts, and are provided tools for business development and networking events.

Participants are then provided with 12 months support with their business plans.

Bruce Elliot, chief executive officer of Memory Lane Games said: ‘We are excited to have the opportunity to work alongside their team of leading doctors, business leaders and subject matter experts to take Memory Lane Games to the next level.’

Mr Elliot is currently in Arizona undertaking the two-week intensive section of the programme.