A man who sent a highly offensive message to a father about his 10-year-old daughter has been jailed for 18 weeks.

Aidan Christopher Bainton told the man he couldn’t wait for the youngster to reach the age of 16 so he could perform a sex act on her.

Thirty-one-year-old Bainton had already previously been sentenced to two probation orders but was not co-operating with their terms, the court heard

Deputy High Bailiff Rachael Braidwood sentenced him to 10 weeks in custody for the offensive message and replaced his probation order with eight weeks’ custody, to run consecutively.

The Deputy High Bailiff told Bainton: ‘This was an appalling message to send to anyone. You should be thoroughly ashamed of yourself.’

Prosecuting advocate Barry Swain told the court that Bainton knew the father of the 10-year-old girl as they used to be friends.

On August 5 at 3.02am, Bainton sent a text message to the man, saying that he ‘loved’ his daughter and that he ‘couldn’t wait’ until she turned 16 before referring to the sex act.

The message was reported to police and Bainton, who lives at Victoria Road in Port St Mary, was subsequently 
arrested. During an interview, he answered ‘no comment’ to all questions.

Mr Swain described it as a disgusting and disturbing offence.

Bainton was initially put on probation for 18 months in August 2022 after he sparked a six-and-a-half-hour siege in Port St Mary.

During the incident, he held a metal can and a lighter and threatened to start a fire at his home, which resulted in his neighbours being evacuated.

The fire service and police negotiators were both called out to the incident.

The Jerry can was later found to contain water.

Bainton was also ordered to pay £3,000 compensation to the Department of Home 
Affairs after he was found guilty after a trial of wasting police time.

In December 2022, Bainton admitted persistently calling emergency services and the civil defence.

His previous probation order was subsequently revoked and replaced with a new 18-month one.

A report on Bainton said that he had been ‘all talk and no action’ when it came to engaging with the terms of his 
probation as he had failed to attend meetings or follow-up on 

Defence advocate David Clegg said that Bainton had mental health issues and had been in touch with addiction charity Motiv8.