A drug-driver has been fined £1,000 and banned from driving for two years.

Samuel Conal Corlett admitted the offence and was also ordered by magistrates to take an extended test at the end of his ban.

Prosecuting advocate Barry Swain told the court that police stopped Corlett while he was driving a Peugeot Expert at Main Road in Sulby on December 14, at 9.15pm.

When officers spoke to him they reported a smell of cannabis.

Corlett, who lives at Circular Road in Peel, refused to take a drug wipe test and was subsequently arrested.

Once in custody, he changed his mind and agreed to take the test, which proved positive for cannabis.

A blood sample was taken which later produced a result of 2.7. The legal limit for cannabis is two.

Defence advocate Sara-Jayne Dodge said: ‘Mr Corlett refused the roadside drug test because he had been wrongly advised by the Manx whisperings of the public that you do not have to provide a sample.

‘He smokes cannabis to self-medicate for anxiety and pain but intends to go to his GP as he recognises he should not.’

Ms Dodge said that Corlett, who is 25, intended to contact Motiv8 and on the night in question, thought he was ok to drive as he had smoked the drug the night before.

The advocate said that her client was a plumbing and heating engineer but was now unsure if he would be able to keep his job due to the mandatory disqualification.

Magistrates also ordered Corlett to pay £125 prosecution costs which he will pay, along with the fine, at a rate of £100 per week.