A woman has been fined £350 after admitting being drunk and disorderly.

Zoe Marie Skillen was also handed a three-month licensing ban by High Bailiff Jayne Hughes.

Prosecuting advocate Hazel Carroon told the court how police were at Shore Road in Peel on June 10 at 8.50pm.

They saw Skillen, who is 34, with three men.

She was described as agitated and said to be waving her arms around at one of the men.

One man was said to have restrained her as she attempted to strike another.

One of the men was then said to have attracted the police’s attention and Skillen’s husband said that she had assaulted him.

He was said to be bleeding from the lip.

Skillen, who lives at Archallagan Terrace, Foxdale, was described as slurring her words and smelling of alcohol, and was subsequently arrested.

The court heard that she has a previous conviction for disorderly behaviour on licensed premises.

Defence advocate Kate Alexander said that Skillen had put a slightly different context on events.

She said that she had been out with her husband and cousin, and claimed that there had been an argument between two of the men, who she had been trying to separate.

Skillen said that any injury caused was accidental while attempting to keep the men apart.

Ms Alexander said that her client did however accept that she had been disorderly, but claimed that she was the most sober of the group, having only consumed two drinks.

High Bailiff Jayne Hughes also ordered Skillen to pay £125 prosecution costs.

She will pay the fine and costs at a rate of £100 per month.

The licensing ban will prohibit her from entering licensed premises, and buying or being sold alcohol.