An injured man who was spotted staggering in the street has been fined £350 for being drunk and incapable and possessing cannabis.

Paul Anthony McBrien admitted both offences and was also ordered to pay £125 prosecution costs.

Prosecuting advocate Hazel Carroon told the High Bailiff that police saw McBrien, who is 42, on December 23 at 8.25pm on Derby Road in Peel.

They described him as ‘staggering’ and said that he had an injury to his forehead and cut hands.

Officers then witnessed him cross the road in front of a vehicle, which they said he did not appear to see.

They spoke to him and reported that he was slurring his words, unsteady on his feet, and had glazed eyes.

McBrien denied crossing in front of a vehicle and told the officers that his name was ‘Jimmy Gojee’ and that he lived in Douglas.

He was eventually arrested due to concerns over him being unable to look after himself, but was taken to the hospital first, where a wound above his eye was glued.

After being taken to police headquarters, McBrien, who lives at Mona Street, Peel, told police that he had cannabis and a grinder in his pocket.

When interviewed he said that he was ‘six out of 10’ when asked how drunk he was.

The cannabis was weighed at 0.7 grams and valued by police at £14.

Defence advocate Jane Gray asked for credit to be given for her client’s guilty pleas.

Ms Gray said that McBrien felt he had been OK to get home and lived only around 20 metres from where the police found him, but he did not think he had told the officers this.

‘He accepts he probably had too much to drink and admitted he had the cannabis on him,’ said the advocate.

High Bailiff Jayne Hughes fined McBrien £150 for possessing cannabis and £200 for being drunk and incapable, and ordered him to pay the fines and costs at a rate of £50 per month.