A 29-year-old restaurant worker has been given a 12-month conditional discharge for being drunk and incapable outside a bar in Douglas.

Bogdan Rizhuk admitted the offence and was also ordered to pay £125 prosecution costs by High Bailiff Jayne Hughes.

Prosecuting advocate Barry Swain told the court that Rizhuk was ejected from Jaks, a Loch promenade pub, by security staff on January 12.

When police arrived, he was in Granville Street and described as unsteady on his feet, slurring his words, and having glazed eyes.

Officers tried to engage with him but he refused to give them any information, despite being asked numerous times.

He was subsequently arrested due to his intoxication.

After being taken to police headquarters, Rizhuk said: ‘I admit I was drunk, but everybody else was also drunk.’

Rizhuk, who lives at South Quay in Douglas, was represented in court by advocate Peter Taylor, and assisted by a Russian interpreter.

Mr Taylor said that his client had been working hard, mornings and evenings, up until the night in question.

Rizhuk said that he had gone to Jaks to meet his girlfriend, but she had been delayed, so he had been consuming alcohol.

‘He denies that he was in any way disruptive in the premises, but he would say the language difficulties were the reason he was asked to leave,’ said Mr Taylor.

‘He has not done anything other than not being able to communicate.

‘For his troubles he spent a night in the cells.’

The advocate went on to say that his client worked in a restaurant and that the offence was at the low end of the drunk and incapable scale.

High Bailiff Mrs Hughes ordered Rizhuk to pay the costs by March 10.