A 20-year-old man has been put on probation after admitting provoking behaviour at his mother’s address.

Joshua Thomas Gilardoni banged on her door and tried to open it using a metal pole.

High Bailiff Jayne Hughes sentenced him to a 12 month probation order.

Prosecuting advocate Barry Swain told the court that Gilardoni had been told he was not welcome at his mother’s address in St John’s.

However, on July 12, at 11pm, he turned up there and started banging on the door, demanding entry.

His mother and her friend were inside and said that they were scared.

Gilardoni said: ‘I’ll wait here until the door opens.’

At 3.55am, the mother’s friend said that she saw Gilardoni still outside, this time holding something metal, which she initially thought was a crow bar, and heard a clanging on the ground.

Police were called and they arrested Gilardoni.

During an interview at police headquarters, he answered ‘no comment’ to all questions.

Mr Swain said that it was a sad situation as Gilardoni was now of no fixed abode.

A probation report said that they were trying to get him a place at Viva Heights, an adult care home on the island, and that he should be able to reside there immediately.

However, if not, his probation officer said that a hotel could be arranged for the next three days until an alternative could be found.

The report said that Gilardoni had been in Italy with his mother visiting relatives, but they had travelled back to the island separately.

Gilardoni said that he had been living at the St John’s address prior to going to Italy and had believed he was still able to when he went there.

He admitted that he had become distressed when he was refused entry and said that he had found a metal pole which he had tried to open the door with unsuccessfully.

He said they had argued in Italy but he thought it had been resolved, and that his Mum would let him in, as he had nowhere else to go.

The report recommended a period of probation, saying that this would allow support and guidance to be provided to Gilardoni over the next 12 months.

Defence advocate Paul Glover asked the court to follow the recommendation of the report.

Gilardoni was said to have spent five days in custody since his arrest as he had no address.

High Bailiff Mrs Hughes told Gilardoni: ‘I don’t doubt what you did was provoking behaviour, but I have taken into account you returned home expecting to be accommodated there.’

Gilardoni was also ordered to reside as directed by his supervising probation officer for the next three months.

Mr Swain waived prosecution costs after taking into account the defendant’s financial situation.