A Port St Mary plasterer who broke glass in a door at the Outback and refused to leave has been fined £400.

Alexander Arminson Okell was also ordered to pay £150 compensation to the pub for the breakage.

Prosecuting advocate Rachael Braidwood told the court that Okell was at the Outback on February 3 at 5.20pm.

He was described as becoming more intoxicated as the night wore on and at one point was said to have been swinging from some bars.

However, Okell was then seen storming out of the pub and as he did, he slammed the door, causing a pane of glass to break.


Security staff told him he was barred and he left the area, but shortly afterwards he returned and stood in the porch.

Okell was told to leave but then tried to barge past staff to get back into the bar.

His friends told him to go and he agreed to do so.

However, later in the evening he was seen back inside the pub, pulling at his partner, which caused her to fall off her seat onto the floor.

Police were called and they found Okell outside nearby and he was arrested.

When interviewed at police headquarters, the 22-year-old who lives at Carnane Lane, admitted breaking the glass and that he had been asked to leave the bar multiple times by security staff, but had returned.

Ms Braidwood said that no value had been provided in relation to the damage to the door.

In court, Okell pleaded guilty to criminal damage and failing to leave licensed premises.

The court heard that he has previous convictions but nothing for similar offences.

Defence advocate James Peterson asked the court to deal with the offences by way of a financial penalty.

’Mr Okell is apologetic,’ said the advocate. He had been drinking and there appears to have been an initial disagreement with his girlfriend. He has slammed the door too hard causing damage. It was reckless rather than intentional.

’He has then foolishly gone back to speak to his girlfriend. That has ultimately done him no favours and has resulted in the police being called.’

Mr Peterson went on to say that Okell’s girlfriend was in court to support him and asked the court to deal with the incident as a ’one off’, bearing in mind Okell has no previous similar convictions.

High Bailiff Jayne Hughes told Okell: ’Had you simply left and stayed away it seems no action would have been taken at all.’

He was fined £300 for criminal damage and £100 for failure to leave licensed premises, and must also pay £125 prosecution costs.

All amounts will be paid at a rate of £30 per week.