The trend of Covid-19 case numbers reported from testing continues to fall this week.

According to the government’s weekly surveillance report, this week saw a decrease in case numbers across all age groups.

The effective reproduction number (Rt) was 0.4 this week, a further decrease from last week’s value of 0.7. This is down considerably from the week before, when it stood at 5.15.

This week we have seen a decrease in seven day average daily reporting from 144 to 73.

The report has also confirmed there were no more Covid-19 related deaths this week.

The island’s overall total since the start of the pandemic therefore remains at 110.

There was also a drop in hospitalised patients this week.

At the time the information for the report was compiled, at 10am on Tuesday, July 5 - there were 12 patients in hospital.

Two of these patients were admitted for treatment of their Covid-19 infection and 10 were admitted for other reasons and tested positive while in Noble’s.

Of these patients, 83% were double vaccinated and boosted, 8% had just had their primary course and 8% were unvaccinated.