A seven-year-old from Douglas has had her hair cut for charity.

Daisy Bulliment had 14 inches cut off on Friday, which will go to the Little Princess Trust.

The charity provides real hair wigs, free of charge, to children and young people who have lost their own hair through cancer treatment and other conditions.

Daisy said she had been ‘excited’ to donate the hair after growing it out for two years.

‘I’m doing this because when people need help, we should help them,’ she said. ‘My mummy did it when she was a bit younger.’

Liam, Daisy’s dad, explained that his wife and mother-in-law also had their hair cut a few years ago.

He said: ‘She obviously knew that mummy got her hair cut when she was a bit younger but didn’t understand why.

‘A good while ago we were having a spring clean and found the certificate and Daisy was asking questions.

‘A little while after that Daisy said that she’d like to do something similar, so we’ve let it grow wild since then.’

Originally trying to raise up to £550, Daisy has now managed to raise over £2,000.

‘It was £550 she wanted to raise,’ Liam said. ‘That was the aim because it will allow the trust to, with the donation, get the hair made it into a wig and get it sized for a boy or girl that needs it.

‘So, even when the trust gets the hair, they still have to do things with it. We wanted to cover the donation from start to finish.

‘Miraculously, Daisy’s absolutely smashed that.’

He added: ‘She’s a very caring child, she’s very thoughtful.

‘It was two years ago she started growing her hair so it’s been a good while. She’s only just turned seven, so she was five when she said she’d like to do it.

‘She’s kept on mentioning it but it’s more at the forefront of her mind now and every day she’s checking her fundraising page and her eyes light up every time she sees the figures.’

When asked about how much she’d raised, he said: ‘It’s a great deal of money. We’ve had family and friends add to it and we’ve had some wonderful gestures.

‘The guy who is cutting her hair at Utopia is giving his time and doing the cut free of charge.

‘Everybody’s been really generous and it’s quite mindblowing really.’

He explained that every time Daisy’s sister has had her hair done, they have asked Daisy if she wants hers cut too.

‘Not to discourage but just to make sure she still wanted to do this,’ Liam said. ‘She’s always said “no, I’m doing this for the boys and girls”.

‘For someone so young it’s such a lovely thing to do. We’re all so proud.’

There are still funds to come from a school event that Daisy and her sister took part in last month, which raised £259. Henry Bloom Noble Primary School held a ‘Crazy Hair Day’, in which Daisy’s mum managed to style Daisy’s hair into an octopus.

Donate to Daisy’s JustGiving page by searching ‘Daisy Bulliment’s hair donation for Little Princess Trust’.