A costume supplier will be visiting the island next month and is looking to buy vintage clothing from any era before the 1970s.

Maggie Harding works for the Greta Harding Theatrical Clothing Company and has provided costumes for Downton Abbey, Peaky Blinders and Foyles War.

On her last trip to the island in July she found an original World War Two propaganda scarf.

Maggie explained: ‘These scarves can be difficult to find but there was a whole range of them made by Jacqmar with slogans such as “Careless Talk Costs Lives” and “Walls have Ears”.

‘This one is advising people to recycle rubber items for use in the aircraft industry.

‘A lady in Sulby found it in a trunk in the attic and thinks it must have belonged to her mother.

‘Recycling is not a modern invention and during the war people were advised to reduce waste and recycle as much as they could.’

She added: ‘This scarf is now on loan to the Imperial War Museum in Salford as part of a display of 1940s War Time Clothing titled “Fashion on the Ration”.’

Maggie will be in the island from February 9 to 15 seeking to buy antique and vintage clothing.

She supplies BBC television and many north west theatres with genuine antique and vintage items, including clothing, accessories, as well as costume jewellery and textiles.

Maggie said: ‘Apart from being a great place to visit, the Isle of Man has always been a great hunting ground for me, as people tend to hang on to items for many years.

‘I never know what is going to be uncovered and that makes it an exciting trip for me.’

She added: ‘This outfit worn by my husband (pictured) was purchased on the island a few years ago and has been used on stage, but here my husband is wearing it for a Victorian charity event in Stockport.

‘Men’s antique clothing is always hard to find as they tended to repurpose and use old fabrics to make quilts or clothing for young boys.’

Maggie is looking for: Victorian costumes, shawls, hats, accessories, 1920s beaded flapper dresses, shoes, kimonos, suits, jackets, women’s clothing from before 1970s, men’s old uniforms, top hats, tailcoats and old stripe blazer jackets.

Maggie said: ‘I am happy to look at anything old that can be used on stage or for films.

‘I love old fabrics and lace and even damaged pieces can be used to repair or trim other items, I like anything old and interesting.’

You can contact Maggie Harding on 07734798522 to arrange for her to call and visit you.

She can travel to any part of the island, or you can call to see her at The Palace Hotel by appointment.