Port Erin Coastguard crew were called to a report of a dog and its owner stuck on cliffs at Bradda Head today (January 29).

The team has said the rescue of Rum the dog and its owner were 'far too close for our liking'.

At around 1pm the crew was called out to assist the pair who were in a 'perilous location with next to no footings'.

But they couldn't find the endangered duo immediately, with the exact location of the casualties unclear. But after a 'brief yomp with cliff kit the casualties were located with the assistance of the owner using his dog whistle to good effect'. Once located, a cliff technician was rapidly deployed and secured the casualties in place.

Rum the Dog was retrieved to safety first, followed by his owner.

Rum the dog with rescuers from Port Erin Coastguard
Rum the dog with rescuers from Port Erin Coastguard (Port Erin Coastguard)

Port Erin Coastguard team say that 'both were cold and shaken from their ordeal'.

It added: 'We understand that dogs are part of the family, but please leave their rescue to people with the gear to do so safely.

'Today was far too close for our liking. We wish both casualties well and hope to see them out on the hills again soon.'