Health bosses have spoken out after staff at pharmacies have been abused by members of the public.

Manx Care says that staff in Lloyds Pharmacies across the Isle of Man have been subject to threatening, abusive and violent behaviour in recent months, amidst global shortages in staffing and medicines.

The branches in Ramsey especially have been in the news because of staff shortages affecting the service there and the repeat prescription service was suspended.

‘Manx Care is condemning abusive behaviour towards health and care workers across the island, and is asking the public to be kind to them, regardless of the setting they work in or who they’re employed by,’ a Manx Care spokesman said.

‘Manx Care condemns abusive behaviour towards health and care workers in any location, whether they work for Manx Care or they are employed by another organisation.’

Lloyds Pharmacy is contracted by Manx Care to provide services, and so its are not Manx Care staff or shops. Pharmacies operate independently of Manx Care.

Pharmacies can and will refuse to serve customers who act in an abusive manner.

All pharmacies across the island are currently struggling due to staffing and medicine shortages, which are international issues.

Manx Care has been working with Lloyds Pharmacy in recent months, and has at times deployed staff into the Ramsey branches to support Lloyds Pharmacy and its staff.

Staff in GP surgeries have also reported aggressive and threatening behaviour, Manx Care said.

‘This will not be tolerated, and will result in the patient being removed from the surgery list with immediate effect. Reception staff at GP practices have a busy and difficult job, and will try to meet all of your requirements efficiently and courteously.’