Following last week’s review of ‘IF’, I’m sticking with Palace Cinema showing’s this week in the form of David Leitch’s ‘The Fall Guy’, which was shown for a two-week period earlier this month.

This film is an intense, action-packed comedy that is clearly used to pay homage to and respect the art of stunt performing within the film industry.

Starring Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt, the plot follows a stunt performer (Gosling) who has suffered a serious injury while on set.

Eighteen months later, Gosling is called back to the profession by his former love interest and now director (Blunt) of a new blockbuster.

The two of them embark on a high-octane real-life adventure following the disappearance of the main actor (played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson), and soon encounter deception, murder and PLENTY of action…

Firstly, it’s important to note that this film will not be enjoyable for you if you are not into an abundance of action and a completely ridiculous plot.

It’s the perfect film for you to switch off and enjoy it for what it is - an action comedy that never even slightly suggests it takes itself seriously.

The action set pieces and choreography are fantastic and great to look at. You would expect this to be the case in a film about stunt performers, but they really do nail the good old-fashioned ‘zoom in on them while there’s a huge unexplained explosion in the background’.

The car rolling and fist-fighting was also very satisfying.

My main gripe with the film was its ridiculousness, but I’m fully aware that this is what Leitch was going for. The plot sometimes borders on absurd, and there are plenty of moments which made me roll my eyes.

I also wasn’t convinced with the dynamic between Gosling and Blunt as love interests. They’re both fantastic actors, but I didn’t really feel like they had a strong connection together in this.

As well as this, some of Blunt’s cheesy dialogue early on in the film bordered on unbearable.

You certainly know what to expect from David Leitch and his work to date. Leitch has also directed films such as ‘Bullet Train’ and ‘Deadpool 2’, which are both similar to The Fall Guy in that there’s not much substance to their narratives, but there is a whole lot of fun to be had with their humour, action and boisterousness.

His films are great if you want to have a good time with a movie and switch off a bit, so if you enjoy The Fall Guy I would definitely recommend more of his work.

Overall, I would say that The Fall Guy is a lot of fun, and it does serve its purpose in crediting the work of stunt performers and showing how hard their job can be.

It was a bit of an eye opener for me while also being a rather enjoyable comedy action flick, so I can’t complain!