Stephen Naisbitt presents a vivid display in his latest solo exhibition.

Reflections and Fantasy has opened at the Erin Arts Centre, in Port Erin.

EAC creative director Pip Rolfe said: ‘Steve approaches painting like a performance, letting the paint and the canvas decide which way the work will develop.

‘Nevertheless, his instinctual, visual language is ever present - the paintings teem with life and energy, as forests, animals, plants and faces come looming out of the canvas.

‘He’s a fascinating character who took to painting later in life and Reflections and Fantasy is as vivid and inspiring an exhibition as you will see.

‘I urge anyone with an interest in art to make the journey to Port Erin to see it.’

Stephen, who was born in Salford, Manchester, was a self-employed plumber until his retirement seven years ago.

It was then that he took up painting as a hobby.

Stephen is a self-taught artist and got his inspiration from his love of the sea.

As a child Stephen always enjoyed swimming and being near the sea. He became a fully qualified British Sub Aqua Club diver and has dived throughout the British Isles and in Cyprus.

He has dived on many shipwreck sites including the warships at Scapa Flow in Scotland.

Stephen likes experimenting using acrylic colours and techniques to express his feelings and emotions in his abstract art. He is an active member of Isle of Man Art Society and University of the 3rd Age (U3A) art group. He paints regularly at these venues in Douglas and Glen Maye.

He has been inspired and encouraged by fellow artist and teacher Midge Thorne Cringle from U3A to develop his own style of abstract painting.

He recently won the U3A Isobel Jones memorial trophy for his painting entitled Sunset at St Michael’s.

Last year Stephen had his first solo art exhibition, Life Tapestries, at the Erin Arts Centre.

He has exhibited his paintings at various island locations including the Villa Marina Arcade in Douglas, the Southern Agricultural Show and the Royal Manx Agricultural Show

Reflections and Fantasy continues until October 12.

The gallery is open Tuesday to Friday, 10am to 4.30pm, at showtimes and select Saturdays. See the Erin Arts Centre website for details.