Last summer island band Call me Amour completed the first leg of their European tour with funding support from Isle of Man Arts Council.

Isle of Man Arts Council spoke to the band’s guitarist Geoff Murphy about the different types of funding they received from Isle of Man Arts Council and how the funding has helped them as a band.

Please tell us about yourself and your art form

We are a band based in the Isle of Man that started out as a two piece with Harry Radford, writing and recording our own songs.

We recruited a drummer (Danny Hall) and bass player (Brian Hill) for live performances and soon developed a sound and a direction.

Our sound is a blend of heavy dark synth and rock with a strong leaning towards drum ‘n’ bass.

What type of funding did you apply for?

The Arts Council has helped us on several occasions ranging from funds to assist recording our debut songs and more recently funding towards travel and accommodation on our first European tour.

How did the Isle of Man Arts Council help you?

The Arts Council has helped us progress as a band in a big way.

Without their help we wouldn’t be in the position we are in.

We have been able to record and distribute several songs and also organise travel and accommodation for our tours.

How did you find the application process for funding?

The application process is a simple one and the Arts Council staff were always on hand for any advice or assistance during the application process.

Tell us about the tour and your experience

The touring that we experienced as a result of the funding proved valuable in so many ways.

From exposing us to a growing fan base and getting us noticed by the industry.

We travelled across Europe and the UK playing in some of the best venues to some great crowds and learning valuable lessons of how to be successful within the industry.

Would you apply again to Isle of Man Arts Council?

We would definitely apply to the Arts Council in any future activities and would recommend it to anybody involved in the arts that requires help with funding their projects!

• If you are thinking of applying to Isle of Man Arts Council for funding, get in touch with us to arrange an appointment to talk to the Arts Development Team. The first funding round of 2024 closes on Friday, February 9.