Outstanding acoustic duo Will Pound and Jenn Butterworth will be playing at The Institute, in Laxey.

They will be performing music from their debut album, Volume 1, which was released last month at the concert on Saturday.

Will told Island Life: ‘It should be a really good night, we’re really excited about it.’

Eight of the nine album tracks feature Will on either harmonica or melodeon and Jenn on guitar. The ninth is a song on which Jenn provides the vocal.

It’s been described by Folk Radio as an album ‘packed with outstanding musicianship’.

Will and Jenn first met at a folk festival at Sidmouth, in Devon.

Jenn was then involved with A Day Will Come, Will’s project and eventual album, exploring the folk music of all 27 EU countries.

Jenn, that year’s winner of the Scots Trad Music Awards Musician of the Year, played guitar for the album and the subsequent short tour.

‘During that project we discovered we really enjoyed playing music together,’ Will said.

When the UK went into Covid lockdown they recorded a split screen video, which to their surprise, went viral on Facebook.

‘It was a bit bananas,’ Will said.

It was off the back of that they decided to do some duo gigs and then make an album and go on tour.

‘I’d describe our music as Roots rather than Trad or Folk,’ he said.

‘We have a bit of that as well but we write our own material, we write our own tunes and songs and everything is arranged between us.’

Will started playing the harmonica when he was 10.

It was suggested to him by his doctor as a way of improving his breathing after having open heart surgery.

‘I really liked it, much to the disgust of my parents!’ he said.

‘I practised for four hours a day for five years quite relentlessly.’

He said he liked stretching the harmonica to its full potential: ‘It’s tiny but it’s capable of loads - Bulgarian music, jazz, bluegrass, folk, Irish Trad,’ he said.

When he was younger he had ideas to get the harmonica the worldwide recognition it deserves.

‘I’ve kind of given up on that,’ he said. ‘I’m just happy that some people can hear what it’s capable of.’

He described Jenn as an ‘absolute machine’ on the guitar.

‘She is one of the top rhythm guitarists around.

‘You almost play better because you’re playing with someone who is so good. You have to up your game.’

Doors open on Saturday at 7.30pm. For tickets (£15) go to etickets.im/et