As the Isle of Man Arts Council funding round for December 2023 is now open to individuals and organisations, we wanted to use this month’s article to write about funding and how it helps enable arts and culture across the island and supports Manx creatives off island.

The funding rounds traditionally take place four times a year with dates published on the Arts Council website for the year ahead.

Our funds have traditionally included a projects grant award, event underwriting and a travel grant, although having grown in recent years, the addition of a creative industries and short film fund began in 2022.

So far this year more than £350,000 has been awarded to Manx creatives in the form of grants and underwriting. All funding aligns with the Tynwald approved National Development Strategy for Culture and the Arts, ‘Arts, Culture and Creativity for Everyone’, which can be found on our website.

And 2023 has seen an increase in first time applicants, ensuring we’re investing in communities that have been underrepresented in terms of public arts funding.

Let’s look at the award options in more detail:


This fund acts as a guarantee against loss for an event.

If you have a ticketed event, you can estimate any losses that might be made and the Arts Council application will guarantee you against these potential losses.


Applications for this fund are for creating, producing and/or presenting work to the public or if you need further help within your arts discipline.

Travel Grant

This fund is to the cover the costs of travel and accommodation to participate in an event such as a festival, workshop or competition off island.

Creative Industries Support Fund

The Creative Industries Support Fund aims to provide targeted support for new business or any creative looking to develop revenue streams by creating new products, services or intellectual property, which respond to changing market conditions.

Short Film Fund

The aim of this fund is to increase the quality of short films produced on the island whilst attracting experienced, professional filmmakers with a commitment to using the local community as cast and crew on funded projects.

• All applications should be submitted by Friday, November 24 for consideration at the Isle of Man Arts Council meeting on Friday, December 8.

For application forms and information, visit and click on ‘funding’. You can also email the team at [email protected] or ring 01624 694598 with any queries.