Peel Loonie Pants has chosen a filthy fairytale, Tom Whalley’s Sleeping with Beauty, for their third adult pantomime.

Performances take place at Peel Centenary Centre tomorrow (Friday), and Friday and Saturday next week (May 19 and 20).

Director Victoria Reynolds told Island Life: ‘Sleeping with Beauty is a filthy fairytale strictly for grown ups.

‘The story, set in the Kingdom of Slumberland, sees Princess A’whora (played by Lisa Mellor) finally come of age, though a terrible curse from the wicked fairy Carabitch (played by Michelle Cain) means one prick in her hand and she’ll perish!

‘With the help of the fabulously thorny Fairy Hanny (played by Kayleigh Smart) we find out whether the glamorous Queen (played by Laurence Watterson) and Muddles the Jester (played by Amy Brown) can save the day.

‘Or perhaps Prince Albert of Ramsey (played by Mark Britton) will have to get his chopper out to save the Princess!’

The cast has been rehearsing two or three times a week since February.

‘Some rehearsals are spent testing out new jokes and improvisations, which are often the most enjoyable ones,’ Victoria said.

‘We all have busy days and definitely find our evening rehearsals to be welcomed light relief in our otherwise hectic lives.

‘It’s a small cast but everyone brings bags of enthusiasm to rehearsals and we can’t wait to perform to an audience.

‘The script is hilarious and full of punchlines so we guarantee a good night out.’

Peel Loonie Pants is an amateur dramatics group that was formed as a spin off to the very successful Peel Pantoloons. Their previous adult pantomimes were Sinderella in 2021 and Big Dick in 2022, both by Tom Whalley.

Victoria said: ‘Under the Loonie Pants name we get to take our love for pantomime a step further, performing shows strictly for an adult (18 and over) audience.

‘With adult pantomime anything goes; it is ruder and cruder and full of not-so-subtle innuendo.’

Doors open for each performance at 7pm with the shows starting at 7.30pm. The bar will be open before the show and during the interval.

Tickets cost £12 and are available online at

Victoria said: ‘The show is not for the easily offended, containing adult themes and strong language and is only suitable for those aged 18 and over.’

She thanked the directors of Peel Centenary Centre for their continued support of both Peel Pantoloons and Peel Loonie Pants.