Organisers of the 2022 Manx Stars In Their Eyes say the event is set to be a cracker!

Sixteen acts will be performing as their music idols on the Villa Marina stage on Saturday.

Manx Stars In Their Eyes was held at Summerland and then the Villa Marina from 2004. The 2014 event was billed as the last show ever.

But Scott Christian approached co-organisers Paul Moran and James Proudfoot to stage one more show following the death of his dad in support of Hospice Isle of Man.

James told Island Life: ‘The show is going to be a cracker. The singers have been rehearsing hard, no doubt their family and friends also know their songs inside out.

‘They have all been down to Studio One to record their “Tonight I’m going to be” intro videos and title sequences in front of green screen so they have done the hard bits. All that’s left for them to do is sing in front of 1,300 people!’

More than 50 people auditioned to take part.

James said: ‘It was a really tough call to get the singers down to the 15 required for the show, so much so that there will be 16 singers this year.’

The contestants range from 16 to 69 and between them they will be performing rock numbers, pop classics, a spot of swing and opera and a hit film soundtrack.

Taking part are Becky Forrest, Beth Thomas, Beth Christian and Francesca Glover, Caitie Tate, Charlotte Moran, Dawn Bremner, Emily O’Connor, Emma Hill, Eric Sloane, Mel Armstrong, Reina Dillon, Rich Cull, Stacie Murphy, Terry Crook, Tilly Ashton and Victoria McLauchlan.

2014’s winner, Kate Cowley will open the show as Celine Dion singing ‘It’s All Coming Back To Me Now’.

This year’s Stars dancers, performing alongside each artist, are from Unity Dance School. James said Linzi Brown and the team had come up with some stunning choreography.

The show starts at 8pm. Tickets cost £17.50.