The Vikings of Mann re-enactment group held two open days this month for people to find out more about life as a Viking and to recruit new group members.

A Meet the Vikings of Mann event was held at the House of Manannan, in Peel, on Saturday, and at the Manx Museum, in Douglas, the week before.

Visitors had the chance to meet the warriors, shield maidens and villagers and take a close up look at their way of life.

The Vikings of Mann was set up in 2005 to host the big Viking Festival in Peel. The group is separate from the 1960-1980s reenactor groups in the island.

Society secretary Richard Corlett - whose Viking name is Fiac Mac Thorliotr - told Island Life: ‘Viking re-enactment involves two key aspects, battle reenactment and living history.

‘Living history is about providing a glimpse at a cross section of early medieval life that is as historically accurate as possible.

‘Battle re-enactment is less historically accurate and more about providing a show for the public and a lot of fun for the re-enactors.

‘All the weapons are real, they’re just blunt, and yes we actually hit each other!’

The group has 20 members from as young as three. They do combat training every two weeks on a Wednesday night, currently at Braaid Hall.

They also practise many Dark Age crafts from spinning and tablet weaving to leather work and blacksmithing. There is a programme on their Facebook page for regular crafting sessions.

They make appearances at a number of island events but their main show is on Tynwald Day in St John’s where Richard said they set up camp and spend the weekend training and partying.

The Vikings of Mann is part of The Vikings, a society which connects many groups, based mostly in the UK but also in Canada and across Europe.

Richard said: ‘Because the Viking society is quite small it’s like one big family and we go across to see our friends in the UK every year for some big shows and they come over to see us.

‘Last year we went to a show attended by 800 people and had 500 warriors on the battlefield.

‘You get to make good friends with lots of like minded people and feel welcome whenever you go to an event.’

For more information visit the Vikings of Mann Facebook page.