The cast of Moana Jr have shown the Gaiety Theatre how far they’ll go to put on a good show.

Using innovative and creative techniques to convey the narrative, the team at Three Legs Productions are unique in their take on the tale.

Splitting the cast of 90 into two, there are plenty of chances for experimentation with style and storytelling.

Moana Jr follows Moana on her adventures as she sets sail across the Pacific Ocean to save her village of Motanui and discovers the truth about her heritage.

She meets demigod Maui, who she embarks on a journey of self-discovery and camaraderie with, as both learn to harness their own powers.

It closely follows the 2016 Disney animated film, from which it is adapted.

Ranging from five to 18 years old, the cast members form every part of every scene on stage, notably creating the fluid motion of the waves in the sea.

The way the ensemble manages to draw audiences in so much so as to believe the main characters are travelling across the ocean without taking away from the dialogue and story that’s happening is striking.

The title role of Moana is shared between Roviana Szetu and Kendra Metcalfe. Having seen Roviana’s interpretation, her quietly powerful portrayal is exactly what the character demands as she masters her moments alone on stage and storms through to be the commanding leader the musical needs.

George Graham does a skilful job of energising the audience with his fun-filled version of ‘You’re Welcome’, arguably the film’s most famous song.

Not to mention, one of the biggest highlights of the performance is when Tamatoa, the villainous giant crab, gets his time to shine (no, really – he’s bioluminescent).

As the creature, made up of a number of the ensemble to create his sizable body and claws, haughtily shows off his glossy shell, he sings a delightfully wicked rendition of ‘Shiny’, performed by Maddie Wood and Joey Hills.

Aleisha Dixon and Lottie Barron as Hei Hei and Tilly Strand and Lowenna Joughin as Pua also provide some good laughs for the audience.

If you didn’t know it was the first time many of the cast were taking to the Gaiety stage, you certainly wouldn’t have guessed it.