An exhibition showcasing the ink on paper body of work by Manx artist Andrew MacKellar will be held later this month.

The exhibition entitled ‘Safe Harbours and Other Things’ will open on Sunday, March 31 and will run through until May at the Studio 42 gallery in Port St Mary.

The beautiful and sometimes haunting drawings depict various scenes across the Isle of Man, including well-known landmarks such as Peel Castle and Castletown harbour.

‘Safe Harbours and other things’ is the second solo show of landscapes of the Isle of Man by Andrew.

He said: ‘The collection of paintings represents the Island as a place for us to live, our heritage, the long term feeling and work we do, with our stories from the development of our current culture.

‘This also encompasses those cultures that have existed in this space previously and the patterns visible in what has been left behind. The Island is rich in medieval, Norse, iron age and neolithic sites all of which reflect how people lived, their concerns and patterns of existence that have parallels even now.

‘It is this feeling of interconnectedness, continuance, commonness in all our humanity which has inspired the material in this exhibition.

‘Our safe harbours, both in protection of food supply and way of life where we are so dependent on the sea, to how we have organised collectively to bury our dead and by inference, to remember them.

‘We are fortunate to have so much from Norse periods and before. We have lived by the sea and on hills above it.

‘The particular influences, for the drawings I would have to say Knox. I have always drawn pictures and used ink and was doing more of this during lockdown.’

The preview will take place on Sunday, March 31, from 1pm-4pm.

Gallery hours are Wednesday - Friday 10am-5pm and Saturday, 10am-4pm