Music lovers on the island are set to be treated to a performance of the Brahms Requiem by the Isle of Man Choral Society and Isle of Man Symphony Orchestra this weekend.

This Brahms masterwork has been described as a Requiem for Humankind. Those listening will immediately recognise the beautiful ‘How Lovely Are Thy Dwellings’.

Last year’s Cleveland Medalist Debbie Gooding and Cleveland Finalist Neil Taverner will be the soloists.

Isle of Man Choral Society’s Musical Director Mandy Griffin said: ‘We are so looking forward to bringing the wonderful Brahms’ Requiem to life for Manx audiences.

‘It is a work filled with comfort, hope, and some of the most beautiful music Brahms wrote. The choir have been working so hard these past months, and their genuine enthusiasm and love for this music is shining through.

‘We are so lucky to be able to join with the Isle of Man Symphony Orchestra and with over 100 choral singers and 60 orchestra players The Royal Hall Villa Marina is the perfect setting to enjoy this magnificent work.’

The Choir will also be performing ‘Hymn to the Fallen’ by John Williams from the film ‘Saving Private Ryan’. Led by Standard Bearers from The Royal British Legion, this tribute is to commemorate 80 years since the D Day Landings in Normandy in June 194. It will be a very poignant reminder of the bravery and sacrifice of human life during the Second World War.

The performance starts at 3pm on Sunday, March 24 in The Royal Hall at the Villa Marina and tickets are available from The Box Office and Welcome Centre by calling 600555.