Manx Interior Design Masters contestant Roisin Quinn was given another scare in episode five of the show – but survived to make it to the quarter-finals.

In the latest episode, contestants had to create a show apartment in Sheffield. They had to personalise the spaces for tenants but ensure the flat could easily be turned back to neutral.

Roisin chose to use vinyl and paint which could be stripped back or removed so the flat can be returned to its original state. But she decided to soldier on with her vibrant colours and love of green.

‘My way to make a property feel more homely is through my use of colour.’ She said. ‘I love the colour green. I think it is such a warm, welcoming, homely colour. The brief is making sure the rental feels like home.

Host Alan Carr then said: ‘I love the colours Roisin chooses and I love the vibrancy but she has gone green more times than the Incredible Hulk. I want to see something else.’

Now living in the Wirral, Roisin moved to the Isle of Man from Ireland when she was nine years old and went to Ramsey Grammar School.

Having worked for a travel company for several years, Roisin took the brave step to change career and move into the world of interior design after helping redecorate her parents’ home near Ramsey.

Series judge Michelle Ogundehin and guest judge Shayne Brady had mixed feelings about Roisin’s design. They were impressed with parts and felt there was a little too much going on.

They were impressed with the bedroom with Shayne saying: ‘I think Roisin has given us a very successful bedroom which any renter would be delighted to have.’

Last week Roisin cruised through in first place after successfully transforming a Swansea café into a trendy eatery after pairing up with Matt.

But that joy came crashing down for both of them as they ended up on the sofa once more with Francesca.

Michelle told Roisin: ‘I love your vibrancy and colour but remember the last time you were on the sofa I told you not to do too much.’

Shayne praised Roisin for putting in a breakfast bar but questioned the need for an additional fold-down table.

But, to her relief, Roisin survived another week as Francesca was sent home after her design was deemed somewhat childish.

‘I’m in the quarter-finals, I can’t believe it,’ Roisin declared.

Next week, the contestants hit the high street to redesign grade II-listed shops in East Grinstead. The episode will air on BBC One on Tuesday, April 16 at 8pm.

Roisin's joy at making it to the quarterfinals of Interior Design Masters
Roisin's joy at making it to the quarterfinals of Interior Design Masters (BBC)