Three of South Africa's ‘most iconic’ musicians are set to perform live in an unplugged concert in Ramsey on Friday, July 12.

Arno Carstens, Ard Matthews and Ross Learmonth will be performing at the Mountain View Innovation Centre’s Studio, with the Isle of Man being the second stop on their world tour and only the second time ever that they’ve performed together.

This event, which is titled ‘Legends Live – Arno, Ard, Ross’, will see the artists share their greatest hits and latest releases, bringing a ‘unique blend of rock and alternative influences to Manx audiences’.

Presented by Ramsey Crookall and organised by Isle Settle, the driving force behind the Isle of Man’s annual South African Festival, this concert is a ‘rare opportunity for music lovers to experience the artistry and history of South African pop culture up close’.

The three artists have all had their own career paths within the South African music scene.

Arno Carstens gained fame as the lead vocalist for the rock band ‘Springbok Nude Girls’, a large feature of South Africa's alternative rock scene during the 1990s. Arno's solo career has then seen him blend rock, pop, and alternative influences, receiving praise for his ‘distinctive voice and poetic songwriting’.

Ross Learmonth
Ross Learmonth (N/A)

Meanwhile, Ard Matthews is best known as the frontman of ‘Just Jinger’, and has been at the forefront of South African rock since the late 1990s.

Just Jinger is characterised by a mix of rock, alternative, and acoustic elements, and is very popular within South African music. Ard’s solo work saw him continue his talent for ‘heartfelt and emotive performances’.

Last but not least, Ross Learmonth was the former lead vocalist and guitarist of ‘Prime Circle’.

Ard Matthews
Ard Matthews (N/A)

Ross has made a significant impact on the South African rock landscape, with his solo career showcasing his songwriting abilities, blending elements of alternative rock, indie rock, and pop rock.

Isle Settle’s Vanessa Naude, who organised the event, commented: ‘This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see these legendary musicians.

‘This is only the second time ever that these much-loved artists have shared a stage, even in their own country. The evening will feature acoustic performances by Arno, Ard and Ross, allowing their voices and stories to take centre stage.’

Joanna Crookall, CEO of Ramsey Crookall, said: ‘We are delighted and excited to bring three iconic South African artists of this calibre to the Isle of Man.’

The event will begin at 8pm on Friday, July 12, with the doors opening at 7pm.

Tickets cost £28 (general access floor seats only and limited to 600). Bookings can be made online at

There will be 200 parking spaces available at the Innovation Centre, while a shuttle bus service will also be running from Ramsey Bus Station.

In honour of ‘Mandela Day’ on July 18, ticketholders are encouraged to bring non-perishable food items or toiletries for donation to the Isle of Man Foodbank.