On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me... some ‘Picture This’ Manx photography.

Over the last two weeks, we have been immersing ourselves into the wonderful world of Christmas in our Picture This Facebook group.

We have been seeing some incredible photography in the countdown to the festive weekend, and a great effort from everyone who took part.

We’ve made a list of 12 of our favourite pictures that don’t just capture Christmas, but capture Christmas on the Isle of Man.

We hope you enjoy it.

1. Sean Corlett sent in a wonderful entry to our ‘Good Shepherd’ challenge. We asked the group to send in pictures of their furry friends, or any other animals, land, or sea, that they might encounter this time of year.

Sean captured what he calls the ‘Hungover seal’ and said he obviously had a bit too much at the Christmas do - something we can all relate to at this time of year.

The hung over seal
The hungover seal (Sean Corlett)

2. Rebecca Nightingale also took on the challenge, sharing a snapshot of her life on the island by taking a picture of her horses in the snow.

They are wrapped up for the winter season and look fabulous.

Two beautiful horses.
Two beautiful horses (Rebecca Nightingale)

3. Charlie Brew took a sneaky picture of two goats trying to catch a train.

We’re not sure where they’re off to, but they wore their best fur coats for the occasion – perhaps a fancy Christmas party? Maybe they bumped into Sean Corlett’s ‘hungover seal’.

Two goats catching a train
Two goats catching a train (Charlie Brew)

4. Kirrie Jenkins captured a good shepherd and a good mother.

Despite the pair being in the snow, her picture of a sheep with her lamb is truly heart-warming.

Two furry friends keeping cosy
Two furry friends keeping cosy (Kirrie Jenkins)

5. Another one of our challenges this week was ‘sunset and sunrise’, and we asked the group to capture the last sunsets and rises before the big day, and with only a few days left, they did just that.

Susie Mackenzie-Fidlin chased a Port Erin sunset and caught it at the perfect time. The bright colours looked like the warmth of a delightful fire, taking us straight to Christmas day.

Port Erin sunset
Port Erin sunset (Susie Mackenzie-Fidlin)

6. Frost, snow, and frightfully cold days are here. On day eight of our challenge the theme was ‘Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow’.

There is nothing more classic than a white Christmas and our photographers’ pictures took us straight back to the nostalgia of Christmas, ‘just like the ones we used to know’.

Jimmy Thistle took this stunning picture of an Isle of Man telephone box. The red landmark is a recognisable staple in this part of the world.

A winter telephone box
A winter telephone box (Jimmy Thistle)

7. Rosy Johnson is no stranger to a winter walk and her picture will inspire anyone to wrap up warm and head outside to see the beauty of the island.

The frozen wonders of a winter walk
The frozen wonders of a winter walk (Rosy Johnson)

8. Carol Freeland was also on a mission to get us outdoors with her picture of the Mount Murray back road.

In her own words, Carol describes it as ‘looking to the plains of Heaven’ and we couldn’t agree more.

Carol Freeland
Mount Murray back road. (Carol Freeland)

9. Linda Malcolm sent in an ethereal photo of Glen Helen Icicles.

At first glance, she appears to have taken it from another planet, but on closer inspection… nope, it still looks like another planet.

Linda Malcolm
Glen Helen Icicles (Linda Malcolm)

10. Sean Corlett was extra nice and made it on the good list twice this week, giving us a different perspective and what a great one it was.

He sent in a ‘windy corner drone shot top-down’ and it was quite a spectacular sight.

Sean Corlett
Windy corner drone shot top-down (Sean Corlett)

11. Mary Davies gave us a view of Port Erin Beach and the Cosy Nook Café, showing us just how magical Christmas can be.

Mary Davies
Port Erin Beach and the Cosy Nook Café (Mary Davies)

12. Last, but by no means least on this list is a picture sent in by Carol Callow.

Carol has framed this picture perfectly, as if stepping out of the wardrobe door to find Narnia.

Carol Callow
A snowy Christmas (Carol Callow)

If you have pictures to share, want to get involved in the daily challenges and Christmas countdowns, or just like to see what others are posting you can join our ‘Picture This’ group here https://www.facebook.com/groups/iomnewspapers.picturethis