Ten commonly used single-use plastic items, including carrier bags and straws, will be banned in the island from 2023.

Tynwald backed the move this week, which will mean it will be illegal for businesses in the Isle of Man to sell or supply certain items, which have a sustainable alternative.

Such items are often used fleetingly before being thrown away, but the processes to break them down can take centuries and lead to pollution, according to the government.

Businesses will be given 12 months to prepare before it becomes illegal to sell or supply single-use plastic straws, carrier bags, cutlery (including chopsticks), plates, stirrers, sticks for balloons and food and drink containers made from expanded polystyrene.

The Climate Change (Single Use Plastics) Regulations also extend to cover rinse off personal care products that contain micro-plastics and all products made from oxo-degradable plastic.

Straws and stemmed swabs used in medical settings will be exempt following concerns raised in the same consultation.

More information about the regulations can be found by visiting the Government’s plastic webpage.