A company in the island has had a ‘record-breaking’ month for energy production from its solar panels.

The AFD Group, a software company with its HQ based at Mountain View in Ramsey, says that during May its 428 solar panels have generated 19.15MWh.

This tops its previous record set in June 2021 of 18.539MWh.

AFD Group, which has described itself as a pioneer for the adoption of green energy on a large scale in the Isle of Man, says it’s the equivalent to enough electricity required to run around 80 homes for an entire month.

Mountain View properties manager Jonathan Sutherland said: ‘We have been averaging generation of around 600kWh of energy per day throughout the month, with our best day being May 25, where we peaked at 837.244kWh.

‘Even our lowest day of production on May 14 still generated a respectable 350kWh.

‘What I find really exciting is that although we needed to draw some energy from the batteries to top up our power requirement deficit on that day, the inbuilt weather analytics software in our Tesla Power Pack System recognised the following day was forecast to deliver lots of sunshine and an abundance solar energy.

‘Noting this, the system didn’t activate charging the batteries overnight from the grid instead anticipating harnessing the power of the sun the following day.’

Mountain View installed its first phase of solar panels on the south facing roof of Studio One in 2018.

This was followed by a further three arrays on other roofs in the complex in summer 2020, virtually doubling the total potential energy production for the Mountain View site to a massive 126,430 watts.