The government has suspended new applications for Manx Home Energy Audits for the Green Living Grant Scheme because it’s full.

Audits require a domestic energy assessor to go to a property and provide a list of energy saving solutions based on their evaluation.

More than 2,000 successful applications have been made and suspending the scheme will accommodate those which have now been approved to progress to the next stage of the programme.

The suspension will also enable additional changes to the scheme to come forward to Tynwald, ‘which will further accelerate and support home owners’ investment in energy efficiencies and cost reductions’, according to the government.

The Green Living Grant Scheme was created as part of the Climate Change Transformation Programme and launched last year by the Department for Enterprise.

It was created to assist residents with the reduction of carbon emissions by providing financial assistance to help make residential properties more energy efficient.

The scheme has two components, firstly the resident applies for a Manx Home Energy Audit and then, if eligible, the Green Living Grant.

In spite of the audits being suspended, the grant element is unaffected for those who are already in receipt of, or booked to have, a Manx Home Energy Audit.

This means anyone with a current open application can continue to progress with a grant application if they are eligible and should they wish to do so.

Minister for Enterprise Lawrie Hooper said: ‘The Green Living Grant Scheme was created to support Manx residents with modifications to properties to help them reduce carbon emissions.

‘Since launching, conditions have changed and we recognise that there are also priorities around direct energy efficiencies and cost savings and therefore the tools required, and the support required might be slightly different.

‘In light of the growing pressure on the cost of living, we are working closely with the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture, the Climate Change Transformation Board and other departments who own the policies in these areas, to ensure we are doing everything we can to help people through this difficult period.

‘We have therefore made the decision to simplify and finalise proposals to maximise support for those already in possession of a certificate, or in the process of getting one, and temporarily suspend the scheme for new applications.

‘We will come back with a revised approach which better reflects people’s current needs.’

All applicants who had applied for a Manx Home Energy Audit before 5pm on September 30 will receive an assessment and will be able to apply for the existing grant if eligible.

Those applicants who are already within the system will be processed as normal.

As of yesterday (Monday), over 1,800 energy audits had been completed and the total value of grants offered had reached £117,641.50.

More information on the updated measures will be available later this year.