The Manx government’s energy policy has been praised from off-island.

The UK/Ireland Nuclear Free Local Authorities network has written to the Chief Minister supporting the government’s recent decision to bring forward its target date to generate 75% of the island’s electricity from renewable sources by almost a decade to 2026.

Calling the decision ‘responsible and momentous’, NFLA chair Councillor Lawrence O’Neill has praised Mr Cannan and his ministers for taking this decision in the interests of securing energy independence and safeguard the Isle of Man’s unique status as a UNESCO biosphere.

He said: ‘The Isle of Man has been reliant upon imported gas and electricity supplies from England.

‘This bold decision means that the government has set a dynamic course to generate three-quarters of the electricity the island needs within three years from the natural resources it possesses – wind, solar and possibly ocean energy – using existing renewable technologies, that are far cheaper than nuclear power.

‘The result will mean the island’s dependence on foreign suppliers will fall and residents will be able to purchase sustainable, greener electricity from the state generator, hopefully at lower prices.

‘This is one example of government policy that the NFLA would like to see repeated in all of the states bordering the Irish Sea.’